Make America great Trump has not |

Make America great Trump has not

Karen Kurtz of Aspen and Plainfield, Illilnois, I’m guessing Aspen is your second home, welcome. You had a great deal of things you “simply reply” with to support your Donald Trump vote. However, I have a few questions: Like when did Democrats take away your guns so you can’t “defend your life and family”? You vote for free speech? Nobody is censoring free speech; they’re censoring misinformation that consistently spews from Trump’s mouth and the Republican party.

You’re voting for the continued growth of the stock market? Does that really make America great? You support the Electoral College? Would you support it if Republicans were winning the popular vote and Democrats were still winning the election? You vote for police to be respected, yet you mention nothing about minorities being murdered by police for simply having different color skin.

We all want to respect police and all colors of Americans equally, correct? You vote for legal immigration? How did our white ancestors first come to America? Did we just show up here and kindly ask the Native American population to sell us some land that we rightfully, peacefully paid for? You vote for unborn babies, yet what do you do to support those babies when the parents are unfit to take care of them? You vote for freedom, yet simultaneously vote to take a woman’s freedoms away over her own body? Your letter to the editor read like Republican propaganda Cliff’s Notes. Where’s the evidence of truth and validity behind your arguments? Are you simply following in Trump’s footsteps, saying whatever comes to mind to further your agenda without reliable information? So when you ask “what are you voting for?” — just more decency, honesty and equality would be a start. Trump did not, will not make America great; not then, not now, not ever.

Anthony Rizzuto

Woody Creek