Mainstream media swindles the public |

Mainstream media swindles the public

Own the mainstream media (MSM), own the country. My take: Fox, CNN, NYT, ABC, CBS, MSN, WAPO, Forbes, Time, WSJ, NPR are all fed partially by the MSM wire services AP and Rueters. Each carry some very truthful stories that allows the mixing in of choice political deceptive ones. Personalities of networks mainly pass along the propaganda information that they are fed from various sources. Each MSM network on left and the right discuss the topics that serve to divide the people all the time with either a liberal or conservative bias to maintain the illusion of a free press.

A divided country is a weak country, The topics that none of MSM give meaningful coverage to are basically the deep-state issues that are most important to the establishment such as the Federal Reserve, chemtrails (until they decided to use it as climate control experiment propaganda), truth about the damaging effects of 5G networks, fluoride in the water that studies have shown dumb people down — so they do not ask questions about the other off limits topics just mentioned.

Trump is not establishment, which is why MSM wants to get rid of him. Even Fox will come out swinging against Trump at critical times when they think it could be a tipping point. Issues like 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination are typical only discussed in a way that suggests anyone who does not believe the MSM narrative is crazy.

Mark Kwiecienski


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