Lumberyard housing project will increase Aspen gridlock |

Lumberyard housing project will increase Aspen gridlock

Our community’s biggest problem is traffic going into and out of Aspen. The need/problem for affordable housing pales in comparison to the Entrance of Aspen problem and yet, our elected officials continue to essentially ignore the issue.

By supporting the lumberyard affordable housing, the number one problem we have will be exacerbated. In addition, the proposed lumberyard affordable housing buildings will be four stories high, a height exceeding the allowed permitted height limitations in the city and county. For those of you who need a comparison of this height impact, please visit the five-story high Limelight Hotel in Snowmass Village. To think a four-story housing complex will be the new Entrance to Aspen is a huge character change for Aspen and Pitkin County and something a resident of 47 year finds appalling.

I urge you to please hit the pause button on the lumberyard housing project and address the Entrance of Aspen sincerely. Over 40 years of building employee housing has not solved our housing need and its associated growth. We are no closer to housing 60% of our employees now as we were in 1975.

The sprawl associated with affordable housing is quite astounding, and the lumberyard project will be another nail in the coffin for our community character. Having a comprehensive solution to the traffic going to and from Aspen needs to be addressed before we add more cars to the epicenter of our problem. Your action is urgently needed now.

Tom Melberg

Woody Creek