Planned Parenthood group will return to Aspen parade |

Planned Parenthood group will return to Aspen parade

Last year for the first time in Aspen on the Fourth of July, men and women, Republicans and Democrats — over 200 people — marched carrying a large banner and signs in support of Planned Parenthood. As we walked through town in the parade the viewers — people (primarily older women) — rose from their chairs, put their hands over their hearts and yelled “thank you.” The cheers of support from the crowd were deafening at times; we heard only two very loud negative catcalls/anti-PP shouts during the entire march.

This year, we will be gathering again. This is a marching group composed of a very diverse section of people in the Aspen area — full-time residents and summer people. There is no meeting nor group that is affiliated with Planned Parenthood that has planned this march — it developed during discussions over coffees and lunches. It was interesting to me that last year the leaders of several other groups marching in the parade had come over to berate me about our PP group not being part of their political group/groups. Nothing I said could convince them that our ranks were filled with Republicans as well as Independents and Democrats; that Human Rights and Women’s Rights should not be political.

There is no fundraising involved — it is a show of support for the rights of men and women of both sexes to have access to free/reasonably priced reproductive health care, basic health care, testing for a variety of diseases and forms of cancer, family planning information, contraception and, when needed, abortion. We invite anyone who believes in those rights to walk with us on the Fourth of July.

Kathryn Rabinow