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Dear Editor:

I liked the front-page picture on your Aug. 12 issue.

It depicts an ingenious young man, Colt Whitley, holding a very clever Zome construction at the science fair Sunday. The caption states that I, the quaint old man in the funny straw hat, guided Colt in the creation of this beautiful object.


That stellated icosahedron in Colt’s hand came entirely out of Colt’s own imagination. I had no part in guiding him.

My part was to be amazed that he found this beautiful shape all by himself and built it all by himself: no help or guidance from me.

Of course, Plato knew about the icosahedron; it’s one of his regular solids, but I don’t think he knew about stellated icosahedra.

And you did, Colt! Congratulations, Colt!

Mike Stranahan