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Sue Gray is back and her vitriol is worse than ever. She is, by turns, hostile, hateful, patronizing, or just plain outrageous. Her latest screed is filled with half-truths, omissions and just plain lies.

For example, ”defenseless people wounded and killed by Israel in Gaza last summer.” Did she forget that it was her Hamas friends who kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers? Or who then started lobbing hundreds of rockets into Israel, causing Israel’s offensive to stop the fire? Yes, there were terrible casualties, magnified by Hamas, who put its rockets and arsenals in schools, homes and hospitals for the public relations benefit of maximum death and destruction.

And how about those heroic Hamas tunnels dug for the purpose of kidnapping and murdering more Israelis? We don’t need our “leaders and rabbis” to tell us that these people are terrorist thugs!

And Sue, it is you who lives in “ignorance of the real nature of the conflict.” Three different Israeli prime ministers on three different occasions since 2000 have offered to give back 95 percent of the West Bank for peace. All three offers were rejected because what the Arabs really want is a “Palestine from the river to the sea.” When will you offer 95 percent of your piece of Carbondale back to the Utes?

How come we don’t hear from you about the Islamic State murdering prisoners or decapitating journalists? Or Boko Harum’s killing rampages or their kidnapping of schoolgirls to be raped and sold like slaves? Or about Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine? No, Sue, you just seem to focus on Israel and Jews.

It does make one wonder.

Jerry Epstein


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