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Robotic spheres were rolling around on the floor, 3D Concepts was printing ornaments, kids were flying airplane simulators and middle school science teacher Peter Hanson was showing us all how a wave can be visualized using water or fire. It was exciting!

With so much to do during this time of year, the Aspen Science Center is so grateful for all the friends who came to our Holiday Science Festival and the volunteers and sponsors who made it possible. The fabulous sponsorships from the Elk’s Foundation, Alpine Bank, Jimmy’s Restaurant and Bar and Atlantic Aviation allowed us to provide unique activities and continuous fun. Another essential piece was the organizations and people helping with activities: Ducky Coombe brought the blood pressure machine (to make sure the kids didn’t get too excited), Susan Terra helped people send recorded holiday messages anywhere around the world (while her son decided he was the keeper of the Van de Graaf generator), Wendy Blakeslee of Mountain Flowers provided an amazing display of flowers absorbing various colors and ingredients that affected their appearance, Evan O’Branovic helped us write code, Caroline Hanson had robots crawling around everywhere, 3D Concepts wowed us with their printer, Aspen Aviation had flight simulators, Shannon Pienaar mixed perfume, Ashley Lantes made the coolest polymer snow dioramas, Georgina Levey and Alex amazed us with sodium acetate hand warmers and Leslee Francis helped the crowd toss their own ice cream. Our adult and high school volunteers put it all together: Margaret, Bill, Whitney, Mackenzie, Kim, Jessica, Caroline and Emma (hope I got you all).

Many thanks and happy holidays!

Jacquely Francis

Executive director

Mike Simmons

Board chair

Aspen Science Center