Low housing ambitions for Aspen City Council

Aspen City Council members are undoubtedly going to waste an excellent opportunity to build affordable housing and by doing so waste millions of dollars.

By their own statistics, there is over a 5,000 affordable-unit shortage. So, what are they going to do? Take the path of lower density for a site where there is no better site for high density. With the backdrop of the Deer Hill mountain behind, four stories will be unnoticeable. The adjacent Annie Mitchell housing on Pass Go lane is already four stories and high density.

Considering the adjacent commercial tenants and industrial uses, overlooking a highway and an airport, what is the matter with density, ladies and gentlemen? The truth is, they don’t give a hoot about those of us that have to commute an hour to Aspen to service them. They have “theirs” and prefer we stay in our place downvalley.

Don’t be stupid; build as many affordable housing units as you can. You might think about dedicating some of them for teachers too. You need them, but why should they come if you are going to make them commute an hour!

David Fields