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Loud noise, phony patriots ruin Fourth of July

Because I don’t particularly care for the Fourth of July, many think I’m unpatriotic. My problem with the holiday is I’m the enemy of all loud noises and the phony patriots that come out of the woodwork on that day.

I gave up hunting because I was startled by the crack of the rifle. I won’t return to it unless I become proficient with a bow.

You know the phony patriots I’m referring to; the America first, Deutschland uber alles, make America great again, right or wrong, love it or leave it types. On the Fourth of July they gush over the fireworks, the bilious flag and the un-singable National Anthem without the slightest notion of what they stand for.

They don’t understand the difference between patriotism and nationalism. The closest synonyms to patriotism are loyalty and allegiance. For nationalism, it’s chauvinism, xenophobia and jingoism.

Remember, the founding fathers were revolutionaries. Yes, rich ones, and their cause was primarily financial, but they risked everything when they signed the Declaration of Independence. I’m not rich, but when I protest war, social injustice or climate change, I feel akin to those patriots.

Fred Malo Jr.