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Loss of angle parking a blow to Aspen vitality

To Aspen City Council:

Back in early 1990s I was on a committee that City Council developed called DEPP-Downtown Enhancement Pedestrian Plan as the town was lacking vitality. City Council approved a consulting company to come and help. Back then there was parallel parking on both sides of Galena Street and Cooper Avenue. The consultants concluded having parallel parking contributes to lack of vitality in downtown. When they showed photos of angle parking, it created vitality. Thus, angle parking. 

Twenty-five years later with everything happening in Aspen since Covid —loss of locals, higher prices, loss of local restaurants and businesses, what are you thinking? You just put the last nail in the coffin taking away downtown parking. So, now we cannot shop, eat, have coffee with friends …I ask you why?

I’m all in favor of change for making things better so our visitors want to return. You are raising fines for individuals who park overtime. If this is strictly for bicycling in town, not everyone bicycles that comes here. We have a diversity of ages and use of cars is their means of transportation.
Our businesses took a mega hit these past two years due to Covid. Now, we have our town (supposedly) open and you created a monster keeping locals and visitors away.

I question how you think vitality exists in a town where we loved and raised families and started businesses to make what Aspen was supposed to be. Unfortunately I do not live in the city to vote, but wish there would be some new individuals that feel what I am feeling — to get Aspen back to being a fun place.

Lily Garfield


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