Lose the bus-only lanes

Regarding Eric Simon’s letter on Aspen’s traffic problem, another suggestion is to remove the bus lane exclusive (“More effort needed to solve Aspen traffic, parking issues,” Sept. 26, The Aspen Times). This can be done immediately. At no cost.

What is the benefit to the community — that bus riders may get to their destination faster than car riders? There is none.

The only area where bus lanes are really reserved for buses is between the Burlingame traffic light and the Cemetery traffic light. Remove that area and we solve most of the problem of incoming traffic. This incoming traffic begins to back up at Buttermilk all the way through the S curve; it is better to have the lines of cars there than on Main Street.

Outgoing traffic would flow much better using the bus lanes from town to Buttermilk.

We do have four-lane traffic from the airport all the way to Glenwood, and traffic in that area is acceptable.

Alex Sarratt