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Local leadership drops the COVID-19 ball

I love to play “man on the street” riding our lifts. So guess what? Almost everyone thinks it is a joke to “mask up” when they see their breath escape their mask. The powers that be have basically lost all credibility.

What happened to honest discussions about what is really going on? The governor of Colorado says this is over, so be responsible for yourself. So our local leaders know more?

We listened to get vaccinated so you will not get or spread the disease. That turned out to be a complete falsehood. So now most of us are vaxxed and most everyone I know or ask has gotten COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally came out that we have “stronger immunity” from the disease than the now-known, short-lived vax. Does anyone remember when your parents exposed you to disease to build immunity? And isn’t it interesting that the strongest-lock-down-show-a-vax-card government leaders in America including the teachers union are now immediately lifting all that? … Must be getting ready for an election.

Wake up, everyone, and start listening to various information and viewpoints. Why are doctors being dismissed for finding repurposed totally approved medication to help people? Do you think the pharmacy companies are paying people off? Look that one up.

Lorrie Winnerman