Local law enforcement needs to change thought process

The full-time residents of Aspen know and appreciate the Aspen Police Department and Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office. I’m sure everyone agrees that our law enforcement is probably the best in the country. Both jurisdictions have a fast response, are well trained, and are known on a personal level because that’s what they have worked toward for years. There is no question that Aspen residents could ever doubt any officer in our town or county. Having said that, it’s time for a change.

Aspen residents hunkered down for three months and obeyed the Public Health Orders of social distancing and wearing masks so the town could reopen for business. The residents have done their part. Now it’s time to continue on this path of obeying the public health orders, which have been in place for months, and protect the residents that set up Aspen for a successful summer.

It’s time for local law enforcement to up their game and be the public servants who we know they are, and enforce the public health orders that are being ignored by visitors. Restaurants, lodges and businesses have stepped up and implemented countless safety measures in order to reopen.

It’s not business as usual and it won’t be for a long time. The workers in this town deserve to be protected so Aspen businesses can remain open. Yes, change is difficult. However, everyone has had to go through that process. Now it’s time for local law enforcement to change their thought process in order to protect the citizens and workers in Aspen. The public health order is law. (Let’s keep the politics out of a medical pandemic.) Let’s enforce the law to protect the workforce that keeps Aspen alive and working. There’s no revenue coming in if Aspen shuts down again. How can we pay public servants’ salaries if Aspen continually shuts down because local law enforcement doesn’t want to enforce the law?

Lanie Sandoval