Living on the edge |

Living on the edge

n the 1960s, scientists calculated that if Earth’s mean temperature rises by just 2 degrees that the world’s glaciers will melt and sea levels will rise accordingly.

Florida evangelicals will be pleased to note that we have just crossed that threshold. Let the rapture begin. Hypnotists have long noted that 30 percent of the people are unaware 70 percent of the time. They use their recognition of these folks to go into an audience and pick out their subjects, who by the time they reach the stage, are entranced by the hypnotist’s suggestions. One can see these daydreamers behind Trump at his rallies or McConnell in the Senate, chanting “lock her up,” demanding chaos, defending nationalism, the absence of anthropogenic global warming, while villainizing globalism.

We don’t have a clue that all life on the sphere is connected. The cadre of right-wing talk show hosts, whose talking points are repeated by 30 percent of this population, has not a clue how dangerous their suggestions have been. There is neither lie so bold, nor action so underhanded, that we would not repeat or preform it. Look to any of the gerrymandered, voter-purged, voter ID, precinct-closed, voter-disenfranchised red states to see the deceit and pure evil this 30 percent has wrought.

I wonder if the only way we can claw back sanity is for the 70 percent to become mindful scum bags. Let there be shunning of the Trump dystopiants.

John Hoffmann


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