Living lab an insult to progress |

Living lab an insult to progress

My husband and I were appalled at the “living lab experiment” that is forced on Aspen residents without a voting opportunity.

We always dined and shopped downtown Aspen at least three or four times a week and had an enjoyable experience. This new parking cluster has us bypassing downtown on our way downvalley as it is no longer remotely pleasant trying to navigate bicycle lanes and meager parking for automobiles.

I hear the same sentiment from almost everyone. We recently had guests from Florida who have always visited Aspen every year, and we were asked what had happened to downtown? What was the City Council thinking with this ridiculous and inconvenient decision? Residents do not ride bicycles to go shopping or dining at the upscale restaurants. The wonderful and eclectic stores that made Aspen special are closing or have all ready closed.

It is sad to watch what is called progress.

Debbie Gorlin
Resident, east of Aspen