Living in a fact-up world

In a world of alternate facts, what does a factory make? Real stuff? Or fake real stuff? And what factors go into figuring that out?

Are satisfaction and dissatisfaction now the same thing?

If “Dragnet” were a TV series today, would Sgt. Joe Friday say, “Just give me the alternate facts, ma’am.”

What’s a benefactor? A good liar. An artifact? A political faction? Is a factoid just a white lie? Is a factotum someone who tells lies for you? If you can smell a lie a mile away, does that mean you have sensitive olfactory capabilities? Is Donald Trump a non-factor? And if so, ipso facto, isn’t he also a de facto factor?

You can’t make this stuff up — but you can manufacture it.

Yes, we now live in a fact-up world.

Greg Lewis

Woody Creek

Letter to the Editor