Livestock needs over human selfishness at Sutey Ranch |

Livestock needs over human selfishness at Sutey Ranch

Editor’s note: The following letter was written in response to another letter, “Don’t disrupt Sutey Ranch,” published Feb. 22 on

The only way to protect property is to exclude all humans (especially when they have the idea they can go anywhere and do anything they want and oh, with bicycles, too!). Free human movement destroys everything.

Livestock, if done properly, improves the environment (livestock and wildlife get along fine for the most part, unlike humans and anything else). What are you going to do if you step in bear poop with your $400 tennis/hiking shoes? Oops, I guess all wildlife needs to be excluded for your benefit also. Typical of the “me” generation.

Feel sorry for the ranchers who have lived here all their life and took care of the valley with hard work! If they hadn’t done a good job, it wouldn’t be here. They are being forced out by people who think they deserve everything for their benefit only, and to hell with anyone else.

We all need to learn not to expect our needs to be above others. Please send your attitude back to the city with all the other tree-huggers and yuppies where it belongs. Cattle stench? I’ll take livestock smell any day over humans and what they do to the environment.

Jane Osborne