Live from Texas |

Live from Texas

Grateful for many things. Three items:

1. The system is rigged. Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority broke the law seven ways to Sunday.

2. City of Aspen employees act like occupying soldiers. With the exception of the Aspen Daily News, group think rules: Free speech and dissent in art are on life support in Aspen.

3. Regarding The Aspen Times’ latest hit and run pieces: “If you’ve never experienced being on the front page of a tabloid when your personal life is being destroyed and you’re being disfigured as a human being and a lot of lies are being said about you, and then you’re getting lit up … that is ”The Shawshank Redemption,“ because you have to go through that sewer pipe of humiliation and shame and you’re being disfigured.

“You have people that don’t even know who you are forming a negative opinion of you based on these snippets of information without really getting the full blown context or texture of your personality. You learn to live with it and you also learn to use your sense of humor and your grounding wires in life to just roll with it.”— Anthony Scarmucci.

Amen. Especially for family, friends and faith.

Lee Mulcahy

Arlington, Texas and Thomasville, Colorado

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