Lift One will get developed regardless

The Lift One corridor is going to be developed whether you vote “yes” on Lift One or vote against it. This area is already approved for development, so Aspen Street is going to change one way or another.

With a “yes” vote, we get Lift One down to Dean Street, hotels with restaurants and conference rooms, restored Skiers Chalet buildings, a new Ruthie’s Restaurant, a ski museum and public use of the entire area. World Cup races are more likely to return with a “yes” vote because the FIS will favor a base area revitalized with these amenities.

By voting “no,” we get a “privatized” zone. Lift 1A will stay in its current, difficult-to-access location and Aspen Street will basically become a private driveway for the owners of the new townhomes and condos that are already approved to be built. Unlike the Entrance to Aspen, we aren’t going to have 27 votes on this!

Vote “yes” on Lift One — it is our only chance to get Lift One down to Dean Street.

Jim and Lisa Hancock