Lift One will enhance mountain, boost Aspen tourism |

Lift One will enhance mountain, boost Aspen tourism

I am writing to fully and without reservation endorse the Lift One corridor plan and all of its elements, including Gorsuch Haus and a lodge along Aspen Street. I first visited Aspen as a 9-year-old in 1952 and have home movies of a ride up the original lift. I have been returning regularly ever since and have owned a condominium unit for 15 years.

There are two elements that are most important to me, perhaps four depending on how you count.

First, relocation of the lift will open up the west side of the mountain, add life to that section of town and make lodging in that neighborhood all the more attractive, bringing additional visitors to Aspen.

Second, the relocation of iconic structures and institutions (Skiers Chalet to house a ski history museum, the Skiers Chalet Steakhouse and the bullwheel and towers) to places that will be very much visible and accessible and will only enhance Aspen’s already unique reputation and personality.

But I must admit to some nostalgia from that visit in 1952. In addition to the home movies, I have a book of pressed flowers picked at the end of the ride. The Lift One corridor plan will bring back some of that flavor.

Larry Mages

Wilmette, Illinois