Lift One will cement Aspen’s world-class reputation |

Lift One will cement Aspen’s world-class reputation

Aspen is a mountain town like none other. We are so tied to the snow and the beauty of our mountains. This last week has been amazing, seeing all the smiles after people ski their favorite runs. The other day, as I did some laps in Corkscrew Gully, I was reminded of how special that side of Aspen Mountain is. Terrain, snow, history!

As a ski racer with ski-racing sons and someone who realizes how important high-level ski racing is to Aspen’s DNA, I am in full support of the Lift One plan. By redesigning their projects to bring Lift 1A back into town, Gorsush Haus and Lift One Lodge have done exactly what we, the community, asked of them over the past few years.

It’s understandable that people are nervous about new lodges, bars and restaurants, but please consider the public elements of this plan. It respects our history by preserving both Skiers Chalet buildings and historic Lift 1. I am excited for the museum that will honor Aspen’s unique place in skiing history. A large park at the base of the mountain gives us year round access to Ajax.

Housing is an issue and a challenge for so many in our community. The fact is, Gorsuch Haus and Lift One Lodge will provide housing for 67 employees before they open. That meets the city’s own requirements, and going forward they will contribute significant funds toward the housing program. Over 30 years, the two lodges will contribute an estimated $42.7 million toward the city’s affordable housing fund. That’s enough to put roofs over more than 300 people’s heads. That’s a lot of housing.

Let’s not miss this chance to ensure Aspen’s future. We are a world-class ski town. Let’s keep it that way. Please vote “yes” for Lift One.

Chris Davenport