Lift One will cater to the rich

As a taxpayer in Aspen for 54 years, I say “bravo!” to Bert Myrin for his guest column published Wednesday in the Aspen Daily News. He hit a bunch of nails right on the head!

Aspen should vote “no” on the ballot to send this messy, ill-conceived, unacceptable proposition back to a new mayor and city council.

They should demand just on3 hotel on Aspen Street; two would be an abomination! Think of the traffic! Think of the added pollution! But one hotel would be fine. Hopefully smaller. And hopefully with a good restaurant, as well as a bar for apres.

But make let’s make certain that the hotel isn’t massive, in the middle of the hill, and certainly one that doesn’t require an illegitimate, self-serving zoning change!

This time, as Myrin says, let’s make sure the City Council doesn’t give developers millions of dollars in concessions on affordable housing. That’s just plain wrong; affordable housing — especially on the property — gives the town the vitality it just can’t get from merely catering to the rich and famous.

When a new, more acceptable proposition is developed, it is imperative that the voters get to vote on the parts of the deal. No more bundling. I’ll bet that way Aspen can get one new hotel. Not two. And absolutely no change in zoning just to accommodate Gorsuch.

And certainly with no cash contributions to developers!

Peggi Seelbach Mizen

Lakewood, Ohio