Lift One project will compromise environment

The recent Aspen election is a victory for local business interests over the interests of the greater population who are faced with the reality of climate change. Business interests always seek short-term profits over long-term health and well-being. This development will only add to the long-term issues of housing and traffic congestion, as well as water shortages and air quality.

The new construction will greatly add to Aspen fossil fuel emissions for many years to come; that is despite the absolute necessity of reducing carbon emissions. The insatiable business community is once again mortgaging the future of young (and future) people for short term personal gain.

Our greater society absolutely needs to rethink the way we live our lives. What was once normal and desirable no is longer allowable in the light of rising atmospheric carbon. The carbon footprint of international ski racing, for example, is simply not justifiable. But then, did it ever really matter which racer would be a hundredth of a second sooner to the bottom of the hill? Racing was always a promotional tool of the ski industry.

One of the “big lies” we are hearing is that climate change can be handled with little or no changes to the lifestyles in the developed world. Electric vehicles, solar collectors and windmills, a little more insulation in our buildings, and problem solved. Not so.

Far too little has been done to look hard at the present and see what we will need to change to survive the future. A new ski lift will not help.

Patrick Hunter