Lift One plan benefits developers, not community |

Lift One plan benefits developers, not community

It is great news that we now have a proven way to get the lift down the hill.

However, may I ask you to ponder the following:

With regards to the Skiers Chalet on Gilbert Street, why do we need to dislodge workers who reside in the 100 percent occupied building and then move and reconstruct one of the oldest surviving lodges to potentially become a semi-dormant ski museum?

With Lift One Lodge, why is it that no sharp local appears to have realized that the developers, as part of the ballot, have modified and expanded their footprint beyond the original 2011 approval? Not happy with the considerable value uplift to their project due to the new lift site, they have decided to lever their position even further. With a seamless PR campaign, website and coffee/apres meetings, what we aren’t being told is that the developers are proposing to build out beyond the footprint of the existing Skiers Chalet, incredibly partly over Gilbert Street, and pushing up against the southern side of the new Dolinsek Gardens affecting the Ajax Mountain views from this important new outdoor space.

I thought this town prided itself on the preservation of its history and its rich cultural fabric — yet in this case, we have historical buildings being moved for no good reason, and developers’ interests being favoured over community interests. I ask you to please look beyond the surface here — the devil is in the detail.

John Gilmour