Lift One and what could have been |

Lift One and what could have been

Georgia Hanson’s perceptive and compelling commentary (“Lift One corridor is community’s responsibility” Aspen Daily News, Feb. 13, 2017) suggests that a useful comparison be made by dusting off the plans of the approved 2008 project and overlaying them with the current piecemeal proposals for the same area. The value of integrated planning involving all stakeholders to fulfill a comprehensive vision will be readily apparent.

A review of that same history will also recall that the advisory panel, which included every stakeholder, approved the final plan by something like 23-1 and presented it to City Council. It was voted down when one member of council who also sat on the panel (and voted “yes”) reversed his position.

As a result, council today is dealing with a project that cannot fulfill the most basic aspirations for that important location, as Georgia Hanson convincingly explains.

Neil B. Siegel