Lift 1A plan needs to be green

Aspen City Council is scheduled to approve on the consent calendar a long-awaited contract with SE Group to further study the community’s request to “Bring Lift 1A down to Dean Street” during Monday’s City Council meeting today at 5 p.m.

When asking for Lift 1A to be brought to Dean Street the concerns were about:

* Saving the Snow by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from personal and transit vehicles

* Pedestrian and car/shuttle safety on the steeper than steep Highlands Bowl South Aspen Street

* More convenient public access for the paying Aspen Skiing Co. customers

The Contract currently calls for studying in more detail a lift location either on Gilbert Street or in front of the Historic Bull Wheel at Dean Street. The contract does not include a more detailed analysis of a mid-station at the proposed Gorsuch Haus — only a brief analysis.

Without a mid-station at Gorsuch Haus, besides biking or hoofing it up the new narrower street, the only way for year-round guests to get up and down South Aspen Street is by a carbon dioxide emissions car or shuttle van.

Let’s save some snow by providing a cutting-edge, non-emitting carbon dioxide greenhouse gas form of transit (aerial gondola) to the SE contract which furthers the goals of Protect Our Winters, Aspen’s Canary Plan, Aspen’s Climate Action Plan and Aspen’s transportation’s goals.

Thank you.

Toni Kronberg