Lift 1A expansion reveals city, Aspen Skiing Co.’s true colors |

Lift 1A expansion reveals city, Aspen Skiing Co.’s true colors

I concur with John Doyle’s letter from Dec. 6 (“Conflicting objectives on Lift 1A expansion,” The Aspen Times) criticizing the process by which the city and the Aspen Skiing Co. are ramming through the redevelopment of Lift 1A project.

While the Lift 1A Lodge has been approved, the rest of the project has not. Skico is appealing to the city to rezone some conservation land to commercial for the full redevelopment to proceed.

Is not the act of rezoning that piece an important issue unto itself?

Question: Why confound the design parameters and conditions of the project with the rezoning of conservation land?

Answer: To change precedent covertly.

The developers claim annually that $5 million of new tax revenue will accrue to the city. But something gained means something lost; the values that both the city and Skico defend tooth and nail in other instances.

The city’s commitment to historical preservation and employee housing are being violated here and Skico’s environmental values, too.

When these values are subverted, it sets precedent.

Where will the next piece of open conservation space be rezoned? When will the next developer cry foul when subjected to housing mitigation costs?

Compressing the issues together suppresses thoughtful social discourse about the implications of violating the long-standing principles that both the city and Skico claim to hold in esteem.

Bryan McShane

Brush Creek Village

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