Lift 1A and the fleecing of Aspen |

Lift 1A and the fleecing of Aspen

Big thank you, voters of Aspen, if you vote for the Lift 1 corridor project March 5! I don’t live in Aspen but I visit frequently. And your generosity in spending about $3,000 per resident in direct and indirect subsidies for developers on the redevelopment of the west side of the mountain is, well, truly incredible.

That’s the number you get if you divide the $20 million that Councilman Bert Myrin (“Aspen voters to decide redevelopment of Aspen Mountain’s base,” Jan. 8, The Aspen Times) estimates that taxpayers will spend on the 1A corridor project by the 6,658 residents of Aspen.

I wonder if the folks of Aspen understand what they’ll actually end up paying in taxes for this?

I certainly wouldn’t be as generous with my town of Aptos, California, as you are. But hey, I don’t live in Aspen!

Oh, yes: Hope you are figuring a way of saving those big beautiful trees that have been on South Aspen Street forever and look like they’re in the construction area.

Thanks in advance!

Zoe Farley

Aptos, California

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