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Lettter: Rodman railroaded by hospital

The following letter was written to Dr. Barry Mink, Chuck Frias and the Aspen Valley Hospital board of directors.

Dear Barry and Chuck,

I am addressing you specifically because I have known and respected both of you for many years. As a Pitkin County taxpayer, I feel that you (and the rest of the board) are in essence my employees. We can’t fire you, but if there were an election today, I think that you all would be voted out of office.

The way that Dr. Bill Rodman has been treated after so many years of service to this community is appalling.

Since you have chosen to act behind closed doors, I can only rely on reports in the local newspapers. From what I have read, there is at least the possibility of impropriety in the dealings with Rodman and Surgical Services of Colorado.

You owe it to the community to openly investigate the actions of Mr. Ressler, Mr. Bonk, Dr. Mains, Dr. Stahl, Mr. Chappell and Mr. Eisenstat in the negotiations for the contract with Surgical Services of Colorado.

The idea that they would collude to deprive the community of a trusted surgeon familiar with, and trusted by, the patient base of Aspen Valley Hospital is an affront to all who support and depend on the hospital.

As a patient (as was my wife) of Rodman, everyone that I’ve talked with and I will continue to rely on Rodman for our surgical needs.

Charles H. Hopton