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Letters: Who do you love?

“Who do you love?” asked the great blues man Bo Diddley — a man who wore “a cobra snake for a necktie.” Let’s not go that far. But who do you like for Democratic candidate for president in 2016? I think it just might be time for a woman president, but I don’t mean Hillary. The new senator from Massachusetts, in Ted Kennedy’s old seat, is former Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren. She rocks!

Elizabeth was the driving force behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Currently she is on a rampage to stop Senate Republicans from jacking up interest rates on college students. It seems to have escaped the attention of most Americans, but the right-wing billionaires (America’s ruling elite) are waging all-out war on the American people. Right-wing politicians are in hock and in fear of the “Billies.” So Senate Republicans phoned in a filibuster on the college interest rate and tried to push it from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent. A so-called compromise could wind up with some rates ballooning to more than 10 percent. She is fighting them tooth and nail.

Part of the “War on America” includes the destruction of both universal and university education. In the “Billies” dream of a “feudal” (and you could add “fascist”) America, ordinary Americans are reduced to “serfs.” The lot of the average citizen becomes so miserable that they are incapable of resistance. All wealth flows to the top. This is, of course, ongoing; the number of serfs is growing by the day. That’s the ulterior motive behind the offshoring of industry, the attacks on unions, the reductions on taxes on the wealthy and their corporations, the rising costs of education, the attacks on teachers, the destruction of pensions, etc.

Warren gets this in a big way. She, unlike most, can raise campaign money from ordinary Americans. She’ll work for us. Hillary, unfortunately, like Bill (and like Obama), is a tool of the elite. It’s made them very wealthy, and it’s made the “Billies” even wealthier. It’s time for a “real” change you can “count on”.

Patrick Hunter


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