Letters: Vote for community use

What can we say about ballot question 2B? The measure would encourage a single building and location for all city offices and make the present City Hall available to be repurposed into a vibrant and exciting community center. It is a good idea, is fiscally sound and would encourage better city efficiencies. It makes sense to consolidate the city offices into one location instead of having them spread all over town. This would improve efficiency of city administration, save money and open up the current City Hall building for a better purpose. It is fiscally sound and would allow the city to better serve its residents. There is no question that the city needs improved work space, even with no increase in staffing. Anyone who has spent time in the current City Hall will attest that the staff needs better work areas — and so do the clients they serve!

Moving the city offices into one central facility will open up the current City Hall for use as a true community center, providing meeting and event spaces at affordable rates. This community has so much going on all year long, but space for events and functions is limited, and at the major hotels, space is expensive. Redevelopment of the old Armory building into a true community center just makes sense, while it also makes sense to move the city offices to a central, more efficient location. Using the Galena Plaza is great use of the space and allows for a coordinated, efficient city operation.

I urge a vote on 2B for a community center, not for spending more money on trying to improve the building for its current city-office use and still having to build elsewhere for other city services. Vote for community use, not city offices, on measure 2B! It just makes sense.

Warren Klug