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Letters: Kudos and Kindness

Kudos & Kindness

ARC pool is ‘liquid silk’

The staff of the Aspen Recreation Center pool is to be commended for an especially nice job cleaning the pool this fall. The new lighting really makes a difference, and the water is like swimming in liquid silk! Thanks so much!

Linda Johnson


A lovely gesture

I want to thank the wonderful man who not only helped me up the steps at the restaurant in Marble but also so generously paid for my lunch with my daughter. It was most appreciated! Thank you!

Ruth Perry


Thank you, supporters of Mercy and Sharing

On Sept. 20, Mercy and Sharing, collaborating with the Kiwanis of Glenwood Spring, held a pancake breakfast to raise funds and awareness for the 20-year-old nonprofit.

Mercy and Sharing extends a warm thank-you to everyone who supported us at the pancake breakfast. A special thank-you to the Kiwanis, a wonderful organization and a great group of people — who provided the opportunity and much of the manpower for the event. Thank you to all the other volunteers who gave their time and effort. Thank you also to The Aspen Times, City Market, Express Yourself, the Glenwood Post Independent, McDonald’s of Glenwood, Starbucks of Basalt and Theatre Aspen for sponsoring the event. And a huge thank-you to all who showed up to enjoy pancakes to help children in Haiti.

Mercy and Sharing is a Haitian-registered, nonprofit organization operating in Haiti rescuing abused, abandoned and disabled children and providing them with a home, rehabilitation, education, hope and opportunity. In addition, Mercy and Sharing operates two medical clinics, three primary schools, a vocational school, an adult literacy program, a large nutrition program that feeds thousands, clean water wells, a physical-therapy center and three greenhouses.

Mercy and Sharing programs are funded predominantly by private contributions. All donations received go directly to the programs in Haiti because Mercy and Sharing’s advisory board and board of directors are committed to covering 100 percent of all U.S. overhead and administrative costs. For more information, please go to http://www.haitichildren.org or call us at 970-925-1492.


Mercy and Sharing

Football thanks to coaches, sponsors

Hi, my name is Miller Clapper, and I just wanted to say “thank you” to all the people who make the Youth Football League amazing. First of all, all this could not be done with out Ron Morehead — he is tireless. Thanks also to the Aspen Recreation Center’s Keith Bulicz, the Aspen Parks Department’s Blair Elliot and the Aspen Elks Lodge No. 224 for sponsoring. My coaches, coach Ward, coach Williams and coach Sweeney, are the best coaches around. You guys have made me a better player.

Thank you.

Miller Clapper