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Letter: You’re killing me, Roger

Roger Marolt’s latest letter shows just how little he knows about a project he claims to be an expert on. There’s going to be a deck outside of the Grouch Haus where normal, ordinary people can sit, eat, drink, relax and actually watch skiers send it down Norway. That sounds more embarrassing for him than me.

And calling Norway “the best run on Aspen Mountain”? If by the best run on Ajax he means the run closest to where he parks his Prius to make a quick getaway (cue banjo music) after butchering the hill, then yeah — it’s the “best run on Aspen Mountain” — for him. Everyone knows what the best run on Ajax is, and it ain’t Norway.

When (if ever) Roger Marolt gets his 100-day pin and starts skiing on something longer than a 174, perhaps then we can have a credible dialogue about skiing Ajax.

Lo Semple