Letter: “Yes” on 3B

As a mother and working parent in this beautiful Roaring Fork Valley, I am excited with the plans to improve the facilities of the Roaring Fork School District from Basalt to Glenwood Springs. This project will enhance the communities we live and work in and provide community benefits to students and community members alike.

Let’s bond together today to build school and community facilities for the next 30 years. The project will create new community facilities from improved performance and social gathering spaces to rebuilding and remodeling dilapidated elementary and middle schools and a new school in a growing residential area. The many residential development applications up and down the valley, some of which will be approved, will add more housing and thus more people and families to this valley which the schools are currently not able to absorb. Voting for 3B today will reduce the cost for all of us over the long run. As new housing is created, the collective cost for us will be spread amongst more households as the bond amount is a fixed expense.

The beneficiaries of this project are all of us ­— students, employees, employers, parents, retirees and all full- and- part-time residents. Remember that today’s students are tomorrows’ workers. Now is the time to build to prepare for tomorrow.

I encourage you to vote “yes” on 3B. Remember to send your ballot in the mail or drop it off before Halloween.

Paulina Vander Noordaa