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Letter: “Yes” on 3A

I am writing to encourage every resident to vote in the upcoming election and to vote “yes” on 3A to support continued funding for the Aspen School District. The state of Colorado acknowledges that it cannot fully fund its schools now or in the foreseeable future. As such the state has permitted local school districts to override the set mill levies. Question 3A is about this mill levy override for our Aspen schools at the small cost of $3 per $100,000 in residential property values.

Did you know that the state withheld $2.2 million from the Aspen School District last year? This funding is urgently needed for our teachers and programs. Without this additional funding, the school district will experience a deficit of $1 million for the next school year, and this deficit will rise to $4 million over the next five years.

Please vote “yes” on 3A to fund continued excellence in the Aspen School District. Thank you for your support.

Alexis Diaz

Snowmass Village