Letter: “Yes” is the only answer for 3A

I am a teacher and parent in the Aspen schools. Daily, I experience the high standard of teaching our schools put out; both within my work day as well as the experience my three daughters have had at Aspen Elementary and Aspen Middle. I have taught in two other school districts, one being one of the highest ranked schools in the state of New York. After teaching in Aspen, I would not teach anywhere else. I can tell you that our district goes out of its way to be thoughtful and thorough in the skills we teach as well as the way we spend our money. This is the hardest working group of teachers I have ever worked with. They truly want the best for our students. A majority of the staff continue to be students themselves, continuing their own education to better their practice. The programs and curriculum are created and planned based on the needs of the students. Aspen Schools create an environment that sets this next generation up for success and apart from many other public schools! Major budget cuts will begin happening in May of 2016 if 3A is not passed. The high caliber of instruction we are now seeing will be impacted. Programs that we have all grown to love and expect will be cut. This is a simple solution and a step in the right direction to correct the major deficit we are facing in public education. As a community, we must support the education of our children. It’s not a matter of saying yes or no, this one is a given, but we need you to get out and vote. We need your “yes” votes to pass 3A!

Meg Dangler

Parent and teacher at Aspen Elementary School