Letter: X Games don’t need alcohol

“But Anthes stressed that customers wouldn’t be ‘belly up’ to a bar getting drunk due to the two-drink maximum. She said these requests are simply to boost the entertainment experience for fans” (“ESPN wants booze, more bands at Winter X Games,” Sept. 17, Aspen Daily News).

For more than a decade, the Winter X Games have entertained the masses around the world from Aspen. Lighting up the face of Buttermilk Mountain with TV lights and big screens showing several events at once, the X Games have been an entertainment experience people dream of being a part of. So why add alcohol to this successful event? Won’t there be enough alcohol consumption before and after the events? For the first time, fans will have access to all sorts of marijuana products, including undetectable edibles. I believe fans’ entertainment level will be brought to a whole new level at X Games 2015 on pot brownies. Is ESPN ready for that?

I ask Pitkin County commissioners to deny the request for alcohol at the Winter X Games. There is a constant message that you cannot enjoy life unless you enhance it with some substance or another. Fans should try the X Games without entertainment boosters. I am sure they will find the games just as spectacular straight as being high.

Kim Baillargeon