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Letter: Wrong place for a Trump Plaza

Thank you, Andy Stone, for stating clearly what has evaded public debate so far in Basalt: Put development where it belongs on the Clark’s Market parcel (“Planning Basalt: Let’s get nasty,” Commentary, The Aspen Times, Sept. 2)!

Everyone wants Our Town planning to succeed in bringing people and businesses to Basalt. But that goal has become convoluted in the many levels of how much and where.

Basalt is charming. And small. And people love it that way. It is consistently the No. 1 concern of residents that Basalt retain its small-town-ness. Through all the discussions and hearings and master plans and zoning, let’s continue to have downtown Basalt show off its small-town charm and retain its unique character.

We don’t need the “bigger is better” mentality. Some folks think we should put a Trump Plaza on the park. This vision of grandeur is out of place in Basalt. The Rocky Mountain Institute Innovation Center is a perfect example of how appropriate development can take place and still complement what Basalt is — not try and make it into something it is not.

I have lived and operated a business in Basalt for the past 25 years, and this year was our best year yet. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Basalt is not on life support! Basalt is alive and thriving!

We have one chance to do the right thing. If not for yourself, let’s do it for our kids and grandkids. They will thank you for having a vision of the future that will be the envy of the entire valley.

Bernard D. Moffroid