Letter: Worms among worker bees

With the advent of winter roads and ski season, the worker-bee commute to the Aspen feeding grounds just got a lot busier. Unfortunately, many of our fellow busy bees have been enticed by the evil saccharin sweet of taking the “wormhole” and bypassing all their fellow bees who are stuck in traffic between Buttermilk and the airport.

By taking the “wormhole,” these lowlife losers are “sticking it” to those commuters who play fair and wait their turn in the merge lane. Though these “worms” are not technically breaking the law, they are violating the trust and goodwill of the “hive.” They also are blocking the bus lane and creating ill will among their fellow bees.

They must be cast out of the hive. We do not have to let them merge because they are not playing fair. Maybe it is time for the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and the roads department to figure out a way to make the “wormhole” impede rather than reward those wayward souls who choose to use it. Possible solutions include a temporary daily closure, a stoplight on the airport frontage road or a sheriff discouraging the “worms.”

It is time to get creative to fix what will only get worse during the busy honey-making season to come.

Andre Wille