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Letter: Worksite noise limitations are a joke

I am not a sound expert. I have done a lot of construction work in my day and used many tools: Tile saw, jack-hammers, skill saws, pneumatic tools and other basic construction tools.

Aspen City Council’s new construction-management rules just made it impossible to do construction work in Aspen (“City approves rules to limit worksite noise. April 11, Aspen Daily News). Rules “will require noise levels coming from worksites on the downtown walking malls and in residential neighborhoods not to exceed 65 decibels, unless special permission from the city’s Engineering Department is secured.”

Here are some sound levels, according to the Internet:

Breathing = 10db. Rustling leaves = 20db. Whisper-quiet library = 30db. Large electrical transformers = 50db. “Normal” conversation or conversation in a restaurant or office = 60 to 65db. So, by discussing construction plans at a job site, the limit is reached!

Here are some louder db levels: Vacuum cleaner= 70db. Garbage disposal= 80db. Food blender = 88db. Propeller plane flyover at 1,000 feet = 88db. Let’s not even look at private jet engine-noise levels!

Will the City Council be looking into limiting the above activities unless a special permit is acquired? You can’t have your cake and eat it, too! A 65-decibel construction limit is a joke. Bartenders at the pedestrian mall restaurants, making frozen cocktails for the patrons, will be as loud as the construction limit. How can you justify that? Probably the same way you can justify that not mandating onsite parking for Base1 is not a variance!

John Norman


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