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Letter: Working for those at the top

People can’t seem to grasp that whether they vote Republican or Democrat, they get almost exactly the same thing. One party, two heads. All this campaigning is just a monkey show to divert the voters. You live in a corporate police state. The economy and the government are run by the bankers for their benefit, not yours.

All the hundreds of trillions in global debt are debts only to those who have to pay them. To those at the top of the pyramid who hold title to all that debt, they are assets. They want them paid off with interest by you, or you face bankruptcy and ruin.

There are things that come free from nature. All the rest is produced by the labor of those who work. The present economic system allows those with their hands on the financial levers to claim all the world’s product as their own, which they can then loan or rent back to those who produce it. They will tell you this is the best economic system ever devised, and it is for them. They also have convinced you that humanity is not capable of coming up with a more just system.

It appears that no changes will made at human insistence until conditions get as bad here as in many other countries. Fortunately, the cosmic clock is still turning and will be stayed by no banker’s hand.

Richard Gordon