Letter: Worker bees deserve our holiday thanks

One doesn’t have to venture very far out of the area to realize how special this place is. That’s why so many people want to take their vacations here. The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is but one of numerous organizations and businesses that contributes to the vitality, attractiveness and livability of the region, and we are proud of the role we play in that respect.

Holidays are wonderful, but the hustle and bustle can also be stressful. It’s easy to forget that while most are waking up to presents under the tree or sharing a delicious meal with family and friends, thousands of employees are working around the clock to make the holidays more enjoyable for the rest of us. They leave their families behind to serve others and often commute long distances to and from their jobs, in the dark and over icy roads.

The dedication, professionalism, and passion that the region’s workers bring to their challenging jobs on a daily basis is truly remarkable and worthy of acknowledgment. Please show your appreciation to them all during the holidays. Kind words and expressions of gratitude require so little effort, but they can make such a big difference to the people who hear them.

To my RFTA co-workers, many thanks! You rock!

Dan Blankenship

CEO, Roaring Fork Transportation Authority