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Letter: Wine, auction don’t exactly mix


Wine, auction don’t exactly mix

I’m a self-proclaimed silent auction junkie and have been attending the Snowmass Wine Festival silent auction since it began. I look forward to it every year as they have great items and services that have been donated to the Rotary to help the citizens and worthy causes in this valley.

The wine samplings are of no interest to me, but that silent auction really calls my name. When it was held at the mall, it was cramped but no one stopped me from visiting the auction tables to put in my bids. What a disappointment this year when I showed up and was told I couldn’t go to the auction tables without buying a $70 ticket. Seventy dollars for what, as I wasn’t going to drink any wine.

The venue was an improvement as it looked like people had room to move without getting jostled, but perhaps a separate area could be set aside for the auction, or special wrist bands for those of us that just wanted to bid in the auction and help out the Rotary.

Sharon Todd Anderson