Letter: Wills is informed, thoughtful and deliberate

As the election cycle draws to a close, we are faced with the challenge of determining which of the candidates are the most qualified.

All candidates are to be commended for their commitment to our educational system. I urge you to vote for Sheila Kennedy Wills for the Aspen school board. Sheila is well-educated, is involved in our community and schools and has previous experience on our school board.

Sheila is well-informed, thoughtful and deliberate. She does research and filters all decisions based on what is best for the students in our school district. She is a great communicator and listens to the stakeholders in this community. She will contribute her time and talents with passion and fortitude to improve our schools while at the same time doing her best to be fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ dollars.

If elected, Sheila will truly represent the people in our district, welcoming input in the policy and funding decisions that affect us all. She does her homework and pledges to come well-prepared to all school board meetings because she believes, as everyone should, that being present and knowledgeable is of utmost importance. With degrees in education and law, she brings a skill set to the school board that is valuable. She is a true representative, responsive to all those she represents.

Please vote for Sheila for re-election to the Aspen Board of Education. Your vote matters!

Roxanne Willsky