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Letter: Will Krabloonik’s actions ever end?


Will Krabloonik’s actions ever end?

Please, someone in authority in Snowmass, for once and for all, stop Krabloonik from continuing to mistreat its dogs! (“Custody fight puts dogsled facility On trial,” Sept. 20, The Aspen Times,and “Former musher says dog abuse has continued at Krabloonik,” Sept, 20, Aspen Daily News).

I have met and talked with the manager of Krabloonik, I have written letters to the editor, I have researched how other Colorado dogsledding businesses handle their dogs, I have presented facts of Krabloonik’s mistreatment of dogs to the Snowmass Town Council.

Voices For Krabloonik Dogs has been presenting evidence against, and promoting healthy changes for Krabloonik’s dogs for years. The Aspen Animal Shelter has offered and has found success in rehabilitating and finding homes for Krabloonik’s retired dogs, so they wouldn’t be shot. And still, Krabloonik is allowed to run its business in a way that is abusive and not in the healthy interests of those dogs.

If the mushers who work at Krabloonik (and there have been many, not only the father of Dan MacEachen’s grandson) expose their inhumane and unethical treatment of their dogs, then someone in authority needs to take appropriate action now!

Ricki Newman