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Letter: Why we need a carbon tax

Why we need a carbon tax

For those who missed the showing of the award-winning documentary “Merchants of Doubt,” which exposes the fossil-fuel industry’s clandestinely-funded, multi-million dollar climate-denial operation, you can see the full version on YouTube. You’ll see how coal-and-oil industry fronts like Heartland “Institute” and their denier-for-hire fake “scientists” and spin doctors provide pseudoscience to the right-wing media, filled with distortions and lies about global warming and climate change that many conservatives believe to be true.

And to learn more about global warming, you can read a very short book by the same two people who wrote “Merchants of Doubt,” the book the documentary is based on. This second book is titled, “The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View From the Future.”

Using the data from the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change reports, complied by thousands of the world’s best climate scientists, these two experts on global warming, one from NASA, the other from Harvard, project what’s likely to happen in the next few decades if we continue to burn fossil fuels.

So how do we stop burning fossil fuels in a hurry? We need to make oil, coal and natural gas more increasingly more expensive.

But Americans are right to be concerned that a carbon tax could make their lives more expensive. That’s why every dollar of a carbon tax needs to be refunded, in it’s entirety, to every American every month. With the same refunded tax on imports from carbon polluters such as China, we’d force them to lower their emissions while giving Americans the money to buy U.S. products again. The Citizens Climate Lobby website has more details.

British Columbia’s fully refunded carbon fee has reduced emissions and lowered taxes while the province has economically outpacing the rest of the Canada for six years. (The Economist, “The Evidence Mounts”)

This market-driven solution to global warming (no government regulations, expansion or expense) would create millions of U.S. jobs and add tens of billions annually to our gross domestic product (REMI) while cutting our carbon emissions in half in less than 20 years (not to mention China’s). More than 2,500 major economists agree, including nine Nobel prize winners (Wikipedia).

Pete Kuntz


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