Letter: Why the price hike for concessions?

Dear Wheeler Opera House management,

I am a seasonal local who loves attending events at the Wheeler — from movies to music to comedy shows, it is such a great venue. I was excited to see the new remodel when I attended the Warren Miller film Jan. 8. Everything looks great, the women’s restroom is much nicer, and the coat-check area is convenient. All of the volunteers do such a nice job with great smiles.

My one complaint is that the food and beverage choices that were available were much more expensive than they were last season. You could count on a $6 wine choice last year, where now they are $8 and $10. Premium beer is now $7. Why the price increase? Many events here are locally based, and I just don’t understand why the Wheeler would need to charge premium prices, especially since it is supported by a local tax.

To have local support means success in this town, and sometimes (most times) that means reasonable pricing for food and drinks. We don’t need more fancy drinks and high prices; we just want good programming and not to feel like we’re getting taken advantage of at the end of the night.

Kate Spencer