Letter: Why I am voting “NO” on Referendum #1 and yes for Skadron and Frisch | AspenTimes.com

Letter: Why I am voting “NO” on Referendum #1 and yes for Skadron and Frisch

The majority of the community seems to be in “violent agreement” that we desire to preserve the small-town character of our community. However, we are divided on the tool we use to accomplish this. I, along with the currently seated council and mayor, support changing the land-use code and preserving our Home Rule Charter. Using the charter as a tool is a dangerous precedent to set. Asking voters to make decisions on land use is a step away from representative democracy. This is what our country was founded on. Residents do not have the time to fully understand the code or an application before them every couple of election cycles. Because of this, developers may actually have the opportunity to campaign for and market for votes. Change the code, not the charter; vote “no” on Referendum 1.

For mayor, I support and will vote for Steve Skadron. He has done an admirable job reaching out to the community. He is thoughtful and genuinely cares for Aspen. It simply does not make sense to make any changes at this time.

The council race, where you get two separate votes, is interesting. I am voting for Adam Frisch. He has done a remarkable job over the past four years and will preserve a balance on the council. He has experience, a young family and he understands Aspen’s economy. I am undecided as to whether or not I will place a second vote. If I decide to do so, it will be for Mick Ireland, who I have served with and who has the most experience.

Derek Johnson