Letter: Why are you doing this, Basalt Town Council?

Thank you, Steve Chase. I do agree that it’s time to make our move.

I too watched the original Roaring Fork Community Devlopment video, and further, read the results of the original surveys, read all the comments generated when the office was open on Main Street, and all the post-meeting comment cards, website comments and letters to the editor that are on the website for anyone to see.

This idea that some were late to participate with their preference of less development is not correct. From the get-go, the majority of residents had a general consensus. A big park, fountains, walkways for strollers and families, a town square, a large arts and entertainment venue, perhaps a restaurant, perhaps a boutique hotel. It’s compellingly consistent over the years. The few — but vocal and very active — who insisted that more condos and commercial space was the solution to the empty condos and commercial space in Basalt are an overwhelming minority.

Those of us who see the modest open space there now, and can envision how the Roaring Fork Conservancy building plus a hotel and God knows what they’re planning now will overwhelm it, want to know why? Why are you doing this to us, Town Council? We gave you our time, our ideas, made personal sacrifices to participate and attend meetings. We trusted you. Why are you not supporting us?

Why not move forward with the suggestion that the Community Development Corp. and the town financial advisor made several months ago and acquire that property so we are not at the whim of developers? Many of us offered to help find private funding. Town cCuncil and mayor, why won’t you do what the vast majority have been requesting? Pick from the top five ideas suggested so many times, and make it happen!

Jae Gregory