Letter: Who’s behind Mark Hunt’s curtain?

Mark Hunt, the Chicago transplant and frontman for a consortium of out-of-town billionaires who recently bought up 40 downtown properties, wants to reserve several spots in the “underutilized” public parking garage for his hotel guests’ cars so he won’t have to comply with city regulations. The times his proposed hotels will be full will be when the entire town is full. So where are people supposed to park?

He wants to be excused from contributing toward employee housing so he can accommodate our alleged need for more visitor beds for the “next gen.” Where are the employees who will be needed to serve these guests supposed to live while eating cake?

Is the proposed second Main Street hotel being put on hold for the time being to see how future local elections shake out?

Why do I have the nagging feeling a silver-tongued pretty boy is being put forward to represent the mysterious consortium of billionaires who only desire to enhance Aspen for the next generation, whoever they may be? Are they the ones who paid $30 or whatever amount it was to attend one happy hour to hear Hunt speak?

Does the consortium wish to re-create Aspen in its own image?

Pat Milligan